Create your first 3D Assembly in Fusion 360!

Mechanical assembly is the process of putting parts and components together to make a complete product or perform a function.


In this Fusion 360 course:

  • We will model all the parts and components for our assembly.
  • Apply In-context and top-down assembly
  • Turn solid bodies into components
  • Create sub-assemblies
  • Import non-native 3D files into our assembly
  • Enable contact sets to prevent component interference
  • Create joint limits
  • Add intelligence to our model with motion link
  • Follow along with highly detailed light to moderate instruction.


Why master Dynamic Assembly in Fusion 360?

Assemblies allow us to simulate how other components interact with each other. The part can then be constrained using Joints in Fusion 360, you can restrict a component or body’s degrees of freedom to other bodies or components to simulate how it would function in the real world.

By the end of this course, you will realize the importance of sketches and constraints in component creation and gain the confidence to explore complex mechanisms and assemblies.


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