Fig. 9. Wall object after input of information

Volume management is a mandatory task in the quality management of construction projects. This information lets the construction manager know how much of the work has been executed or progressed, and when the work has been completed. The speed and accuracy of volume management should be ensured, especially for projects with an urgent schedule or with overlapping tasks. However, the use of traditional 2D methods in the breakdown and management of high-rise building construction volume has recently faced quite a few challenges; for instance, some projects construction has been prolonged or project-cost estimates are unsound due to duplicated or omitted calculation. Therefore, this paper presents how Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used for breaking down and managing the volume in high-rise building walls. Using BIM, a new approach, compared to the traditional 2D drawings, helps the construction project managers to improve the construction quality, minimize errors in the acceptance and management of work volume, and accelerate and promote the project’s success.


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