Autodesk Inventor What's new 2022 - simplification and model states

Our Inventor models contain all the information we need to manufacture our design. This is our end goal… except for when it isn’t! You may want to share your design while protecting your IP. You may want a simplified version of your design for simulation or rendering. You may want to reduce file size to speed up your large assemblies, or you may want to create a simplified version of your model for export to another format, such as BIM. Autodesk Inventor’s simplification toolset allows you to simplify your design from the ‘top down’, algorithmically removing parts or features to meet your specification. Autodesk Inventor 2022 brings us a new version of the simplify command, moving the user interface into a dockable property panel and providing additional functionality, like the automatic removal of embossed features.

Click the link, and watch the embedded video below for a quick tour of the new simplified user interface in Inventor 2022.


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