Marco Ramolla is a Senior Product Manager in Autodesk Construction Solutions leading the collaboration group workflows across Autodesk Construction Cloud and Desktop products. Marco joined Autodesk by an acquisition 2005 and has been large customer experience from more than 12 years in Autodesk Consulting. Marco drives the vision to establish a seamless issue management process between Design Review, Coordination and Design Authoring with closing the loop between Autodesk Construction Cloud Design Review & Coordination Process and Desktop-based Revit Model Design Authoring Process. In addition, he is managing the Design Collaboration product, with the vision to build streamline collaboration and project delivery on BIM data between project teams.

We are continuously working to improve Design Collaboration, expanding our supported workflows to increase collaboration capabilities across projects. As such we are pleased to announce the following updates:

DWGs Supported for Design Collaboration

Teams who rely on DWGs for day-to-day design and detailing, like civil engineering firms and multi-discipline firms, can now contribute to project-based workflows in Design Collaboration, benefiting from greater control over shared and consumed designs, and use of the change analysis feature.

So, the DWG is now a primary file format for Design Collaboration – which means it’s supported in the same way that Revit and IFC files are supported, on a connected design project ecosystem. Project leads can create, explore, and consume packages containing DWGs and see them in context along with these file types and preview the DWG model with 2D Views/Layouts and 3D views​.  The benefits include:

  • Better cross-industry design collaboration supporting Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Revit, and IFC users.​ See DWGs in context of all project model data with all disciplines.
  • Project-wide visibility on the “project timeline” helps you make sure your shared data is consumed by other teams.
  • Lightweight design review for managers and executives to track project updates.
  • Better control of design collaboration in the cloud for Civil 3D and DWG users, reducing risk and rework.
  • Designers work off the right version, package, and document.
  • Manage DWGs and XREFs in consistent process along with RVT, IFC files and more​.
  • Ability to view and manage a combination of models, 3D views, & sheets in your browser, whether DWG, RVT, or IFC.


When working with references, you can display reference information for DWG files and see all references in a list with detailed information like name, path, version. You can also share references in a package, including any linked x-refs if neededand make sure references are consistent as work progresses on the project.




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