Audrey Boguchwal a Senior Product Manager, document management. The March BIM 360 release contains improvements to search and filtering and improvements to custom attributes administration.

Search Improvements

BIM 360 users can find what they need faster with the following search and filter improvements:

BIM 360 Docs Custom attributes filtering

Custom Attributes Filtering – Projects created September 2020 onward only

BIM 360 Docs users can now filter search results and filter folders by a custom attribute and its value, increasing their search’s relevancy. Click the filter icon next to the search bar to view custom attributes available for filtering.

BIM 360 Docs relevance highlights

Relevance Highlights – Projects created after September 2020 onward only

BIM 360 Docs users will see their search query highlighted in their search results, helping them understand why a file matched their search.

BIM 360 Docs option to include or exclude subfolders from search

Option to Include/Exclude Subfolders From Search – Projects created September 2020 onward only

BIM 360 Docs users can further narrow down their search results by choosing to include or exclude subfolders from their search, helping them find what they need quickly.

BIM 360 Docs view and rerun searches

View and Rerun Recent Searches – All projects

BIM 360 Docs users will now see their five most recent searches when clicking into the search bar, saving users time and increasing efficiency.

BIM 360 Docs Search

Content results indicator for Vector PDFs – Projects created September 2020 onward only

BIM 360 Docs users will be informed if their search results have content matches inside vector PDF files. When the search results return a vector PDF file with content matches, an icon will display on the grid. The icon has a tooltip that reads “has content match.”

Custom Attributes Management

BIM 360 Docs Project Admins can now go to the new Attributes settings page to manage project level attributes for documents. Improvements for projects created March 2021 onward only. 
BIM 360 Docs custom attributes project level administration
On the Attributes page, Project Admins can delete attributes from the project and add or remove attributes from a folder. Additionally, in Project Files, they can define the project-level custom attribute column order for the project, while Project Members can customize their own view.
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