In this exercise, you create a mezzanine in the store room area of the building.

Category New Users
Time Required 15 minutes
Tutorial Files Used GSG_04_add_floor.rvt

Before you begin, download the GSG_04_add_floor.rvt file.


  • Add a floor by drawing an outline to create the boundary.
  • Edit the floor boundary and use the Align and Trim tools to create a closed loop sketch.

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Create a Floor on the Lower Level

  1. Open project GSG_04_add_floor.rvt.
    Note: An additional level was added to this file for the mezzanine level.
  2. In the Project Browser, under Floor Plans, double-click Mezzanine.
  3. Click Architecture tabBuild panel (Floor).
  4. Click Modify | Create Floor Boundary tabDraw panel (Pick Walls).
  5. Position the cursor over one of the 3 walls as shown in the image, and click to place a boundary line.
  6. On the Modify|Create Floor Boundary tabDraw Panel, change to place line segments.
  7. Place additional boundary lines approximately as shown.
  8. On the Modify | Create Floor Boundary tab, select Trim to corner.
  9. Trim the corners of the boundary by selecting the lines on the sides that will be kept.
  10. After the boundary forms a closed loop, check (Finish Edit Mode) on the Mode panel.
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