There are many considerations and factors that play a part in designing a new product. Cost is usually a big one, but sometimes there are other factors that are the main contributors to a product’s direction. With vehicles, specifically motorcycles, we see advanced engineering practices performed on seemingly minor parts. In some instances, making a part as light as possible can have a big effect on performance. In other cases, the strength or stiffness of a part, such as a motor mount, is more critical than its mass. Generative design allows us the ability to solve for both problems at the same time and make informed design decisions without the sacrifice. In this course, we’ll explore how generative design can be applied to motorcycle parts to help reduce mass while also increasing performance.

After this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Examine a multi-component assembly.
  • Create Generative Design Studies.
  • Examine and Select Generative Outcome Iterations.
  • Summarize how to Post Process a Generative Outcome.


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