Climate Change is driving innovation in energy generation, storage and consumption – impacting design and construction. That’s why here at Autodesk, we’re working with Schneider Electric to reimagine the future of sustainable buildings using Building Information Modeling (BIM).

As part of our ongoing efforts to refine our products to better serve you—our customers—and our planet, we are responding to the specific challenges and workflow issues that electrical engineers and designers face.

We recognize that electrical engineers are working within a rapidly changing landscape of standards and code requirements, and that disconnected and fragmented workflows force engineers to continue working in analog or 2D. What should be an interconnected, seamless design team is instead working in silos, with electrical stakeholders in a challenging position when projects start and pause or change goals.

To help address these challenges, we want to more fully bring electrical engineering into the BIM process by creating an overall more connected solution. We also want to go one step further by leveraging the generative design and machine learning to maximize productivity and performance through these capabilities.

Doing so would enable engineers to spend more time on designing, optimizing, and moving forward with sustainably oriented proposed solutions—ideal for both engineers and end users. This new solution can help open up new opportunities for electrical professionals designing the next generation of energy efficient buildings.

So how does Autodesk intend to do that?

Together with Schneider Electric, we are collaborating on the development of a new cloud-based service leveraging Autodesk Forge™, Autodesk’s cloud-based developer platform. As a leader in electrical distribution systems and energy and building management solutions, Schneider Electric brings a deep knowledge of electrical codes and building systems. Schneider’s solution will enhance Revit capabilities, complete certain workflow gaps, and make Revit a more intelligent and connected tool.


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