Autodesk Inventor 2022 model states for assembly simplification

Inventor’s simplification toolset is great when you reach the end of your design process and you find that you need to provide a simplified version of your design.

Inventor 2022 brings us a new way to simplify – from the ‘bottom up’.

Autodesk Inventor 2022 brings us a new workflow called ‘Model states’. Model states can be used to create families of components, to show manufacturing stages, or to give an alternative – simplified version of the design.

Model states in Assemblies can be linked to model states in parts, so a change to the assembly model state triggers a change to the model state in all sub-components.

This means that you can make the creation of simplified components a standard part of your design process, creating a simplified version of the design as you go and rolling them up into a simplified version of your design as you complete the modeling process.

Click the link and watch this video for an example of bottom-up simplification using model states in action.


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