Smart Extrude Enhancements

Smart Extrude now features two new operations when performed with a Shift+Drag extrusion on an Editable Poly or Edit Poly modifier.

  • When performing an inward extrusion: Smart Extrude can now cut through and delete faces on any part of the mesh the result completely extends through. The resulting hole is restitched to the surrounding faces. This is similar to a boolean subtraction, but performed on a polygon component.
  • When performing an outward extrusion: If the result of an outward extrusion completely goes into another face on any element on the mesh, the intersecting results are stitched together to form a clean result. This is similar to a boolean union, but performed on a polygon component.

Slice Modifier Enhancements

The Slice modifier has been updated with a number of new features to aid modeling tasks.

  • The new Radial slice type controls the slice based on minimum and maximum angles.
  • Holes created by slice operations can now be automatically capped along its boundary edges on both mesh and poly objects.
  • Use X, Y, and Z-aligned cutting gizmos to perform a planar slice on your mesh in a single operation.
  • Use the new alignment options to align the cutting gizmo to faces on your object or be influenced by the transforms of another object in your scene.
  • Slicing operations now process faster than ever before.

Symmetry Modifier Enhancements

The Symmetry modifier has been improved to make modeling faster and easier.

  • Enhanced performance gives faster results and more interactivity in the viewport.
  • Planar symmetry now supports multiple symmetrical planes (X, Y, and Z) in a single operation.
  • You can quickly duplicate and repeat your geometry around the gizmo center, letting you rapidly create new variations and empower your workflow.
  • Align the symmetry gizmo to faces on your object, or to be influenced by the transforms of another object in your scene.

Relax Modifier Enhancement

The Preserve Volume option smooths fine detail and noise on your model while retaining its shape and definition.

The Preserve Volume option is especially useful when working with data that has a lot of small or micro surface detail you don’t want, such as what can be seen with Scan and Sculpt data. Reducing this noisy data with the Relax modifier can help improve the processing time of the Retopology Tools for 3ds Max.

Extrude Modifier Enhancements

The Extrude Modifier has been improved to achieve better results quickly and interactively.

  • Performance has improved by up to 100x compared with previous releases, allowing you to quickly determine the right extrude amount on even the most complex of spline shapes.
  • Improved calculation of the cap output.


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